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    ASIC Series
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    Three-phase ASIC Series Single-phase ASIC Series Gate Driver Series MOSFET Series MCU Series IPM Series
    IPM Series
    Fortior Technology uses the domestic leading BCD process platform and power semiconductor technology to integrate HV and LV
    power devices and drive circuits, and launch a series of half-bridge intelligent power modules.

    Suitable for Multiple Applications
    Suitable for many different application fields such as converters, electronic cigarettes and wireless charging

    Rich Functions
    It has the functions of power supply under-voltage protection, input through prevention function, input filtering and dead zone protection, etc. Compatible with 3.3V/5V input interface

    Compact Package
    The design of high insulation, easy heat conduction and low electromagnetic interference provides a very compact package and is easy to use. Suitable for applications built drive system into motors an
    Selection Table
    Model Input logic Voltage level ID@25C ID@80C RDSON(max)@25C UV+/UV- Overcurrent protection Enable shutdown Over temperature protection Through prevention Package Download
    ES236BQ HIN,LIN 600V 3.0A 2.1A 2.4Ω 12/11V - - - QFN10-5×6 -
    ES256AQ HIN,LIN 600V 5.0A 3.5A 1.5Ω 12/11V - - - QFN17-7×7 -
    ES276AQ HIN,LIN 600V 7.0A 5.0A 1.0Ω 12/11V - - - QFN17-7×7 -
    ES4030Q IN 16V 30A 20A 15mΩ 3.6/3.4V QFN24-4×4 -
    ES8003E AIN/BIN 15V 0.70A 0.58A 950mΩ 2.7V eTSS16L -5×4.4 -
    ES4005S IN1/IN2 10V 1.75A 1.45A 300mΩ 1.8V SOP8 -
    ES4005D IN1/IN2 10V 1.8A 1.5A 280mΩ 1.8V DFN8-2×2 -
    Has the function Negative logic function - No such function *