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    ASIC Series
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    Three-phase ASIC Series Single-phase ASIC Series Gate Driver Series MOSFET Series MCU Series IPM Series
    Gate Driver Series
    Fortior Technology has launched a series of gate drive chips, which are adopt for various applications such as motor drives,
    DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, and class D power amplifiers.

    Rich functions
    With over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, through prevention and dead zone protection

    Drive capacity can be improved
    Compared with traditional products, Fortior products have stronger gate/gate drive capability, which helps reduce system switching losses and reduce system heat generation

    Reducing costs
    Improve system efficiency and help customers effectively save system costs
    Model airplane
    Wireless charging
    Electric drill
    Electric wrench
    Grass Trimmer
    Selection Table
    Model Vs(V) Power voltage Input logic IO+/IO-(A) VCC(UV+/UV-) VB(UV+/UV-) Dead zone Overcurrent protection Through prevention Enable shutdown Package Download
    ED2606S 600 10-20V HIN,LIN 0.21/0.36 8.8/8.0V 8.8/8.0V 470ns - - SOP8
    ED2607S 600 10-20V HIN,LIN 0.25/0.41 9.2/8.4V - 360ns - - SOP8 -
    ED2203S 250 8-20V HIN,LIN* 1.6/2.3 6.9/6.5V 6.9/6.5V 250ns - - SOP8 -
    ED2103S 180 10-20V HIN,LIN* 1.0/1.0 8.9/8.2V - 100ns - - SOP8 -
    ED2109S 180 10-18V HIN,LIN 5.0/5.0 8.8/8.2V 8.8/8.2V 280ns - - SOP8 -
    ED2024S - 4-18V IN1,IN2 1.2/1.3 3.5/3.3V - - - - - SOT23-6 -
    ED6636S 600 10-20V HIN*,LIN* 0.21/0.36 8.8/8.8V 8.8/8.8V 300ns SOP28 -
    ED6287T 250 7-20V HIN,LIN* 1.5/1.8 6.4/6.0 6.4/6.0 200ns - - TSSOP20 -
    ED6288T 250 5-20V HIN,LIN 1.5/1.8 4.6/4.3V 4.6/4.3V 200ns - - TSSOP20
    ED6288Q 250 5-20V HIN,LIN 1.5/1.8 4.6/4.3V 4.6/4.3V 200ns - - QFN24
    ED6187T 180 5-22V HIN,LIN 0.8/0.8 4.4/4.1V - 100ns - - TSSOP20 -
    Has the function Negative logic function - No such function *