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    Fortior Technology Introduced Latest IC Chip Products and Control Solutions at TECHNO-FRONTIER & INDUSTRY-FRONTIER in Japan

    Post On: 2023-08-17


    Fortior Technology unveiled its latest IC chip products and control solutions at TECHNO-FRONTIER & INDUSTRY-FRONTIER in Japan. The advanced chip technology and industry-focused solutions grabbed great attention at MOTOR TECH section on the exhibition. As a global leading motor control IC supplier, Fortior Technology keeps optimizing its market layout to explore oversea opportunities. With long-term commitment and solid steps, the company starts to gain a foothold in the hard-to-crack market in Japan.


    TECHNO-FRONTIER & INDUSTRY-FRONTIER is a technology exhibition that showcases the latest technologies and products in mechatronics, electronics, and specialized fields of those related. The exhibition was organized by Japanese Management Association (JMA) and covered 16 exhibition topics, including "Motor Technology", "Mechatronics Control", "Parts Design Technology", "Power Electronics", "EMC", "Thermal Engineering", etc. The three-day exhibition attracted more than 33,940 professional visitors worldwide.

    Mr. Bi Chao, the CTO of Fortior Technology, said on the exhibition: “Since our establishment, we have focused on the research and development high-performance motor drive control chips. We are committed to delivering continuous innovation by releasing new features and enhancements into our motor control chips. With rich experience in core algorithm, motor design and optimization capabilities, we will continue to focus on product development and applications in new markets such as automotive electronics, industrial control, etc. Also, we will continue to strengthen overseas technical teams, deepen localization support for system-level services and promote the application of products and technologies overseas.”