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    If you are looking for ……

    A fast-growing and rapidly expanding platform

    Passion for innovation and to experience the original technology;

    An active and energetic lifestyle;

    Opportunity to grow with like-minded team members to build a great company;

    Let’s go together

    We are the top IC designing industry. Here, you will have a chance to chase your dreams and build your future to participate in R&D of the world’s 1st and new IC design technology. You will work with the world’s top professionals in IC designing, motor designing, and motor driver designing. By involving high-performance IC in every field and improving global energy efficiency, we will share our pride.

    Come and Join us

    If you are determined to achieve your dreams in job, expect rapid growth in career, and find your limitless possibilities,

    just come and join us!!!


    We provide internship opportunities for students who are pursuing a master's or doctor's degree in motor drive, IC designing, electrical or mechanical engineering related disciplines.

    We are willing to provide training opportunities for outstanding students.

    We will work hard to provide our support and help for your development from a student to professional and interdisciplinary talent in a short time.