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    File Name Version Release Date Application Supported models Download
    Low Voltage Ceiling Fan Application Note V1.1 2023-05-16 Low Voltage Ceiling Fan Debugging EU6832S
    EU5821 GUI Application Note V1.1 2023-04-25 EU5821 Debugging EU5821
    Air Conditioner Indoor Fan Application Note V1.2 2023-04-25 Air Conditioner Indoor Fan Debugging EU6812V
    Vacuum Cleaner Application Note V1.1 2023-04-25 Vacuum Cleaner Application Debugging EU6861Q2
    Ceiling Fan Application Note V1.0 2023-04-20 Ceiling Fan Debugging EU6812V
    Refrigerator Compressor Application Note V1.0 2023-04-20 Refrigerator Compressor Debugging EU6862Q
    High-Speed Hair Dryer Application Note V1.1 2023-04-07 High-Speed Hair Dryer Debugging EU6862L
    Standing Fan Application Note V1.0 2023-04-07 Standing Fan Debugging EU6832L
    Washer Application Note V1.2 2023-03-01 Washer Debugging EU6815L
    Sensorless FOC Application Note V1.0.00 2022-12-28 FOC Debugging EU68XX
    Electric Drill Application Note V1.0.01 2022-12-28 Debugging Electric Drill EU6861Q