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    Who We are What we do
    About Fortior

    Fortior Technology Co., Ltd is thriving in developing motor control ICs and algorithms. As one of leading motor control IC suppliers, Fortior is honored by the market for delivering high-performance and reliable motor control ICs and systems with the least customer effort.

    Fortior's worldwide launching is now in full swing,with global strategy and R&D center in Singapore, our business and services cover Asia, North America, Europe and other regions, offering international customers with top class solutions for motor control ICs and systems.

    Founded in 2010, Fortior has set up R&D centers in Singapore and China, and branches in Shanghai, Singapore, Kawasaki of Japan. Reinforced by three strong technical teams, IC design team, motor control algorithm team, motor design team, and teammates with great passion for technical innovation, Fortior bears firm confidence to help global customers succeed.

    Our Logo
    The company’s name is originated from a Latin word?"Fortior", which means strong, determined, and brave to explore. Fortior technology always believes in these spiritual props!
    Our Philosophy

    Mission:Achieve a simplified, efficient, low-carbon, and energy-saving ecosystem,with innovative chip technology.

    Vision:Be an outstanding leader in the industry of motor drive control chips and control systems.

    Values:Simplicity Openness Belief Pioneer.

    Brand Slogan:Future is in control.

    Our Responsibility

    Employees:Provide satisfactory personal growth and job opportunities to employees, offer competitive salaries; let them fully enjoy their work and life, and make them be proud to work in Fortior.

    Shareholders:To create highest values and healthy investment returns for shareholders.

    Customers:To be customer-oriented, consistently provide the best quality products and services to customers.

    Society:Contribute to society in all possible ways, and devote our best efforts for energy conservation and environmental protection.